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Table Rock Visit July 17 - 23 2011


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Hello from Texas. My husband and I are coming to Viola to fish on Table Rock. My sister and brother in law have a place there. This will be our second visit to this wonder lake. We did struggle last year on finding fish, so this year I am coming to the forum to ask for ideas on where to fish. We are towing our bass boat and ready to hit the water. We have a place on Lake Fork but it is so low right now. If anyone has any suggestions, we would deeply appreciate it.

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Since you have been here, you know how different the lake is from that to which you are accustomed. In addition, this year was a Spring flood year and the Corps has pulled the lake down from its flood peak 15 feet in the last 45 days. Naturally the "normal" patterns have been disrupted.

Having said that, I can help some. The thermocline is forming/has formed in the 25 foot range. Most bass are well away from the bank out on the pea gravel flat points in the 22 - 28 foot range. Yesterday around Big M (up river from Viola))I marked bait fish at about 15 feet, I marked and caught blue gills and small bass just off the bottom around 22, and didn't connect with any of the larger marks I saw below that. On a guess, it looks to me that we are entering (later than usual this year) the drop shot period of summer.

Search Bill Babler and Don House on this forum. Both guide and post accurate reports on this forum. Bill Beck has his own site and his reports are accurate as well. Captain Joe also posts good information, just not as often. A number of the regular members are outstanding at finding fish and remarkably good about sharing so check back regularly , even after you arrive here.

I hope you have a great trip.

BTW - Viola is a great location for relative newcomers to this lake.

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