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Originally from just outside Chicago, now residing in Nixa. How's it going everyone?

my best fish caught on eagle lake in ontario. 51" muskie!

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That is an awesome Muskie. Had one on once when I was about 11. Scared me to death and threw the Dardevle back at me.

You will find some things familiar here, and some quite different. The lower end of Table Rock is quality smallmouth water. Bull Shoals is a walleye factory, and Table Rock isn't bad. For Muskie you'll have to fish Pomme de Terre. Other facts - Bull Shoals has begun to grow a decent yellow perch population; upper end of Table Rock grows a gazillion spotted bass and a strong population of largemouth; you need to try out the trophy trout fishing on Tanneycomo and on the White River below Bull Shoals. Have you ever fished 3 acres of surfacing white bass?

Welcome to the Ozarks.

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