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Took a little drive today. Went to the Cedar Creek area to do a little scouting. Hogan creek road is really shallow, will be a problem putting in and taking out. Next was Yokum Creek. This is the best place to put in. The road drops off just like a boat ramp. Elbow is like last time. You will have to turn around at the top of the hill and back all the way down. Beaver is pretty good shape on the creek side. Plenty of room to turn around and back in. You will have to go aways to park, as the parking is along the road. All the parking is along the road every where you go. When it cools off I will be heading out. Old fat men and hot weather don't mix. LOL :have-a-nice-day:

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Lonkm thanks for the info but I have a question, where is Hogan Rd?

I was refering to Hogan Creek.

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