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T Como Report


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just finished a two week stay on TANEYCOMO ( bluehaven resort) 43yrs in a row now. Made the trip in the fog every morning (55min) to lookout. fishing in the morning was great 1/8 jigs fished close to bluff took most of our fish white in the early morn and sculpin as the morning went on.Did buy a few drys and caught several trout right on the bluff bank for the trip we had lots of fish in 17 to 20 range and 4 over 20 and they are fat and healthy afternoons found us up to the cable and fishing was a little slow still tossing jigs found a few willing takers in shadey still spots. Had a bunch of friends that are bait fishers and they had no problems getting a limit in the bull creek and cedar point areas. i have seen a few comments on the fog heres a good one for you while travling back to b haven one morning fog was still thick for that time of day thick enough that i was at a fast idle when i heard a boat coming at me i headed for shore just in time for a camp kanakuk boat to fly by with one person in it ( heres the good part) and a WATER SKIER I went back to the resort and called the camp im sure that went nowhere I kick myself now for making the next call to the water patrol im all for fun but lets not kill a bunch of kids trying to have it .

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