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I fished the river just down from the dam last night and found the green sunfish and pumpkinseed boutiful. Unfortunately i didn't catch any bass and the water was really, really warm.

I moved up and right after the first little riffle area where it is really shallow there was a family snagging there which I thought I was illegal. I saw numerous spoonbill and they were purposefully trying to snag them but they always got broken off and never actually caught a single fish, although they somehow broke "30 lb test" like six times.

I was reading the regs and the limit says 2 spoonbill b/w march 15 and APR 30.

For non game fish snagging/grabbing is march 15-May15, and Sept 15-Jan31 on streams and impounded waters. It is allowed all year in "temporary overflow of a river or ditch.

From this I believe this entire family, and some others that were snagging around were completely illegal. If they were in season that wasn't for spoonbill, though "targeting" them they coudl say they were an accidental catch and just release them, Same with game fish and just say they were tryign to snag gar or carp or something.

I have got the MDC # saved in my phone now, Should I give them a call if I see this again. All said adn done there had to be 15 people all snagging in 1/4 mile of river.

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This kind of thing gets me fired up. I was there 2 weeks ago and saw 2 dead spoonies on the bank that had obviously been snagged. What is the point? I do believe it is totally illegal as well. Thanks for reminding me to put the phone #'s of the MDC in the locations I fish in my phone. I don't want to be a "snitch", but it is our job to protect the areas we love and treasure for future generations. The MDC can't do it all by themselves. If you aren't sure about a regulation or code, just give them a call. They are nice guys.

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