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Optima Blue Top Dual Purpose


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I went to autozone a while back and bought an optima blue top battery. I told the guy I wanted the best deep cycle trolling battery they made. He told me "okay, $250" or something like that. I replied, "I want the second best battery then."

Anyway, he sold me a battery and I was pretty disappointed with it. Turns out it was a starting battery and I never paid attention. The problem was solved when the terminals pretty much exploded. Not sure how I managed to do that. Must have arc-ed it somehow. Long story short, they warrantied it out for me but they didn't have a true deep cycle trolling battery. I wound up getting a "dual purpose." It has 75 amp hours, and a reserve capacity of 155 minutes. It's less than ideal for my purposes, but it is what it is.

If someone wanted to take it off my hands, I'd entertain reasonable offers. I think I have like $230 in it after the exchanges and paying some extra cash. It has never been used, and it's located in Fayetteville/Rogers Arkansas. I really just need a flooded lead acid deep cycle with a monster amp hour rating. I talked to my electrical engineer buddy who worked on the U of A solar boat project, and he told me that for my purposes, I'd be better off with a wal-mart deep cycle to get the maximum capacity for the dollar.

His opinion was that the gel battery was much better for a high impact application, but just running my trolling motor in electric motor only lakes, the only benefit I was getting from the optima was a good warranty (which has already come in handy once).

Anyway, if anyone wants to take this thing off my hands for a fair price, let me know. My intent would be to just switch over to one or two giant capacity trolling batteries. Like I said, it is absolutely unused with the receipt. It will probably be "used once" as of this weekend unless someone lets me know first.

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