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Bulk Marabou

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Figure a pound of it would fill a couple paper grocery sacks....be wary of ordering fly tying materials in bulk...FWIW...I usually buy the plumes as oppossed to strung blood marabou....you gotta pull it off the stem & measure it before you tie it in...but that is a good habit to get into anyway. Cheers.

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I've bought a lot of bou over the years amd truthfully I would never buy over an ounce. All turkeys aren't created equal and if it's so so, or if you use it in different ways like I do you're stuck with a lot that you might never use.

I would stick with the bigger packs that you can find on line.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I can get bulk marabou from Wapsi but I'll have to check the price. Also depends on what type of marabou... strung or loose.

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