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Shimano Stradic Spinning Reels


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Just a heads up. I received a flyer today in the mail from Cabelas. They have 3 sizes of the Stradic FI reels on sale for $129.99, marked down from $159.99...

They have the small 1000 FI, the ST 2500 FI, and the ST 3000 FI in the flyer. Great reels if you are in the market for a new, high quality, spinning reel.

It's good until 9-15-2011 ..

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Just heads up on this. As you probably know Shimano every 5 yrs. completely remakes the Stradic. The ones Cabelas has are going out of date. Look at the Shimano website and you will see completely different Stradic reel bodies. The C14 and then another one, looks like the old White Stradics. They will discontinue parts on the ones you buy now within 5 yrs. The new ones on the market will have 10 yrs. of parts.

The reels are so good, it dosent matter 5 yrs. is enough. Be looking at something else by then. Probably have one that reels in the fish automatic like.

Good Luck

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