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Fly Tying Video-- The Articulated Ice Pick

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I figured since there has been so much talk about the Ice Pick and with the emails I have been getting about this fly....I thought I would do a little tying video on it.

This isn't meant to be a true "how-to" style tying video because those things bore me to death....but it for sure shows you how to tie it and hopefully entertains as well. :D


Rear Hook: #4 Streamer Hook

Lead Hook: #2 Streamer Hook

Tail: Marabou with palmered Baitfish Emulator

Body: Ice Wing Fiber with Barred Zonker over the top

Articulating Connection: Beadding Wire

Head: Fish Skull

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I typically sit down and tie a half dozen of the back half to get them ready and then the next tying session I tie the rest and articulate it and that is really the easiest way to do it but when I sat down to do this video it took around 13 minutes.

However...I am not usually 'that' prepared to tie and fly and watch tv and chase kids around through any given tying session so that time can go from 13 minutes to an hour. ;)

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Great tie, I kept wondering through the whole thing if you were going to eat this one when u were done. You would probably need something to wash it down.

Im not a Cardinals fan, but I am a Cardinal. If you know me you know what that means.

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