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Fly Tying Video - Articulated Ice Pick

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Hey guys, since we have been tearing the fish up on Ice Picks for a while I have been getting a lot of requests for a video on it so here you go. It really isn't your everyday "how-to" videos because those things bore me to tears but you will get the point. ;)

Trailer Hook: #4 Streamer

Lead Hook: #2 Streamer

Tail: Marabou with palmered Baitfish Emulator

Body: Ice Wing Fiber with Barred Zonker over the top

Articulating Connection: Beadding Wire

Head: Fish Skull


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It'll catch fish. :)

If I'm not mistaken that is the way Rich designed this fly in the beginning anyway. It would be a lot more of a jigging motion with one hook is the only problem in my eyes (not that that is really a "problem") because with the articulation it will dart from side to side now and then and when you get used to fishing it you can manipulate it to do it almost every strip.

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