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Are you kidding me. The COE put out some incorrect information. NO, I have always relied on them & what they tell us. There must be evil forces at work, THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING !!!!!!!

Rock View Resort

Table Rock Lake

Greg Pope, Owner/Operator & Fishing Guide

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It's Barrack Hussein or however you spell his non American name.......It's gotta be his fault...Just wait till Tuesday.....The ship is gonna hit the sand...

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Precipitation for the year at Beaver went from 30+" to zero. Must be a secret government project to vacumn water out of the ground. Similar to how it vacumns money out of your wallet and makes it disappear.

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Is all that water comming Table Rocks Way ? Not another flood !!!!!! :crywithno:

According to the COE site Beaver has dropped 125 feet in the last hour, glad I'm up high. Duck.

Email me

Red-Right-Returning is for quitters !

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