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Theft On The James


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It looks like I'm going to have to install a security camera on my boat slip. I keep my boat on a slip in Buzzards Branch, up the James. I took the Mrs. fishing this morning, dropped the trolling motor, and nothing. Opened the battery compartment and found my new pro series batteries missing (bought on 3-21-2011. This is the first time I've had anything stolen. They did leave me my starting battery. Bummer!!!!

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Not even going to comment about folks leaving fully equipped bass boats in slips on Table Rock Lake. We have two slips at Shell Knob. If I ever leave a boat in one of them over night. I would like one of you to take the heel of your boot and grind my most tender parts into mush.

Don't mean to be callus, but how many times do we have to go over this. Everyone just thinks it won't happen to him or her. BULL.

Do not under any circumstance leave your boat unattended on Table Rock Lake. You could not do it in the 1960's and you for certain cannot do it now.

Sorry it happend to you.

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Sorry to hear about your stuff and unfortunately it is becoming more common these days. One of my jobs is with SecureNet Alarm systems so please let me know if I can help with anything. There are a couple different options depending on power supply, internet, etc. You can get a standard 4 camera system with DVR for around $1500 installed which includes a 3yr warranty on all parts and labor. Again sorry to hear and just let me know if I can help.

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If I say anything....I'll be ripped off tonight.. (since I always leave a cheap crankbait on the deck with the rottweiler sleeping at the dock)...

Sorry bout your loss. Man that is low. Stealing from a fishing boat.

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That really sucks, it's a helpless feeling when something is stolen from you. I've had all my gear stolen once and my boat stolen, none of it was ever recovered. Locking storage compartments are a good idea but removing anything that isn't attached is a better idea. It's a PITA to deal with everytime you want to go fishing but it's better than having to buy new stuff to replace stolen equipment.

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