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Fishing Report

Hammer time

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Put in at Mutton at 8:30 headed north and started on a deep channel bank east side of lake. Started with 12" black neon worm and all I could get was pearch bites. So I picked up my single spin and right at dark bam 17" nice chunk black, then within the first hour 3 more blacks and another keeper. Wind really picked up so I'm thinking game on, WRONG. Went under mile long bridge and hit wind blown channel banks no bites, so went south and hit some deep pockets with a worm and jig no bites. So I thought I'd hit the bank I started on and caught a short smallie on the blade. Hit the points and pockets accross from Mutton and caught 7 more all blacks with 2 more keepers and one drum all on the blade shallow on pea gravel.

Fished hard till 5am I was showing 87 degrees and I guees all the good ones are deep or eating shad during the day.

Gonna hang er up for awhile and get new carpet installed on my rig she is a 96 nitro 896dc 200 mercEFI white and red so if any you guys ever see me out on the water stop and say hello.

Good luck Walcrabass and Kevin and all you other guys during the next month.

Tight lines and best of luck to all.

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How deep were you fishing with the single spin on that deep channel bank? It looks we have at least one more week of extreme temperatures, so I am planning on sticking to some deeper offshore structure if I can find enough of it. I haven't been able to go for the last two weeks, but I hope to go again soon. I talked to a tournament pro the other day who says he has been catching his fish fairly shallow, like 10' of water. Of course this is daytime at Table Rock, but it still makes me re-think a little bit. Plus, I think the thermocline is less defined at the Rock because of all the water that has pulled through there this summer. I think the Stockton Bass are still sitting in those brushpiles waiting for fall!

Have fun re-carpeting your ride! If I see you out, I promise to stop and introduce myself. Thanks again for the reports!

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