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Lots Of Rainbows

Adam Snodgrass

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Fished upstream from Baptist this morning and had a lot of luck with a few different flies. I used mostly a foam hopper with a nymph dropper and caught some really nice sized rainbows on gold-ribbed hare's ear nymphs, prince nymphs and even one that took the hopper. I also caught one more before I left on a brown bead-head bugger. Everything I caught was before noon.

Best part was that I saw almost all the takes coming from a mile away...watched the fish rise, follow and slam my flies. Really cool feeling and I'm sure you all know what I mean.

One of the fish I caught had a pretty big hole in his gill area....nasty looking wound but not caused by my hook. I'm curious, is this probably due to a bird getting a piece of him? See 2nd pic attached.




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Nice job on the fish. I agree with heron on this one. I do know that there is a resident bald eagle at the first bend down from the park septic area. You can sometimes see the remains of his dinners in the water below the trees on the big bluff. But this one looks like a stab from a heron. I've caught fish with a hole all the way through their back. It's amazing they survive that. I think this guy's gill plate saved his life - and i'm glad it did; you can tell by his fins that he's been swimming in those waters for a while now.

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