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Crappie Report


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Took a few days off to hit the campground and water. Had a rough start, before even making it to the water, but things work out great. Boat is in the shop, no biggie just grab dads and go. His is now on the way to the shop! Couldn't get it to run so starting looking for a place to launch where I could fish with just the trolling motor. A few detours, wrong turns and backing down the gravel road, more than once, we found a place to put in. Launch in the middle of a cove with standing timber, fished around the timber within a couple hundred yards of the truck. Fished all new territory, hard to make yourself do, but hey it's better than not fishing!

Here's the report:

Monday: Absolutely slayed the crappie. It was rare to fish a tree and not get a bite. Great time!

Tuesday: Who flipped the switch? Struggled, struggled, did I mention we struggled? Fished hard and only caught four, the fish did not even bite.

Wednesday: Thankfully someone flipped the switch back on - repeat of Monday! Caught fish everywhere.

Bait: Jigs (pink, blue, anything with chart.)

Technique: Pitched jigs around timber, vertical fished timber

Water temp, depth, etc... ??? Don't know, didn't have a working graph. It's amazing how much I've come to rely on my humminbird graph, just about drove me crazy for three days.

Good luck!


Have your visited Limitville lately?

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