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Tough fishing right now on the middle Osage from St Thomas to St Elizabeth. Went out for the first time since late July and it was tough. In four hours I had 7 shorts and one keeper bass. The keeper was just 12". Had a friend I met on the water with his son whom had 2 keeper in the same amount of time. The Missouri has it backwatered up above Bob Brulley and the water temps are in the low to middle 80's.

Heard that 8# won the tourney out of St Thomas on Sunday. That just assured me that until we get some rain to move some water in the river or the Missouri drops it's just going to stay tough till the water temps come down.

On a side note early Saturday morning there were about 10 jugs in the river floating at my first stop, looked like 4 or 5 of them had fish on so the catfishing maybe fairly good. Didn't talk to anyone to confirm.

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