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Hello Fellow SWMO Anglers. I often times have to travel between Fort Smith and Springfield and am always looking for good spots to stop and wet the line from the bank. Can anyone recommend any spot close to 71? I've never fished Elk before so would welcome any and all advice. I saw Mt. Shira Access, Lanagan Park and Deep Ford Access, but not sure how good they are??

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Can't speak for others, but I was unimpressed with Lanagan Park. The area was crowded with swimmers. Many of them were Hispanic so it was hard for me to communicate with them. Just didn't seem like a lot of extra space to fish but it may be different on different days.

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This time of the year there will always be swimmers at those accesses. Trick is you have to go upstream or downstream from them and find water no one is in!

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I'll be up that way Labor Day weekend. I'd imagine there will be plenty of people out then too. Which access would you suggest for a newcomer to the Elk? I'll most likely go at sunrise to beat the heat.


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