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Night Light Fishing


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I have an upcoming trip planned to take the kids out to fish and to escape the heat we will be going out and fishing at night. I have not fished this method in years and was looking for any recommendations that would help make a successful trip.............Thanks!

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I did this kind of fishing with my dad when I was a kid and those were memorable trips.

We used Coleman white gas lanterns on a branch above the water. The bugs fried in the lamp and fell in the water the shad rose up behind those. Mostly we caught crappie and catfish.

Mind the snakes...they're super active then...and have a plan for what to do if one or all the kids start to get sleepy.

If you're going to be on the water at night anway you might think about running a trot line on the side. Those are exciting for kids if they're of an age you can count on them to behave safely around taunt wires and hooks.

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Just did a night of fishing with the boy and nephew and yes I used a Colman lantern. You could see the glitter of the shad in the water and it seemed to help. Caught two 7lbs flat heads just 6 and 10 ft. in front of me. had a blast and fished all night long. but the boys couldn't hold out that long.

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