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Garage Sale...webster Groves 63119 8/13/2011


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Thanks for posting! Sounds like a winner.

I usually avoid Garage Sales like the plague. But, this'll get me out. The wife loves them. Sadly, our girl is too old for what you're selling, but, the fishing gear sounds good.

Best of luck moving the baby stuff. We had our "blow out sale" a few years ago with mixed results.


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Hah! I'm swimming in kiddo junk. My wife shops, so do the grandma's...you are welcome to take your pick of the stuff you want to store after my wife sells off what she can...Gonna call one of those pick it up charities for what is left...Inventory it, take some photos, price it, run a tape & deduct it....Probably a better return than the $ from the sale, but I wont tell my wife that. Cheers.

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Just wondering if you called one of the charity pick up services yet. If so which one did you choose? We have over 400 girls items (clothes) from size 0/3 months - 6T of which 85% of it is name brand stuff we need to off load. We have had one garage sale already where 200+ items were sold but as you can tell that was only 1/3 of all our items.



Woo Hoo Fish On!!

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