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Saturday Bliss!


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I got to go fishing last Sat the 6th!!! Yea!! It was great!!! Met a couple buddies from Columbia there. We fished the upper end and there were a few people there in the one hole by the parking area. There were a few fish in a couple holes but the rest was hit and miss. I used the killer worm and did a lot of sight seeing and unwinding!!! I've only been fishing twice this year. The rod building is keeping me close to the house!! That's a good thing for the buisness but bad for fishing!! I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it. The morning catch was a lot of fun. It slowed down a little and Marshall wanted a midge. I gave him a rusty midge. MAN did it get hot!!! He caught I bet 25 fish in guick order!!! Mike did the same!! It was great to watch them!! One bad thing! I've got a small hole in my waders!! Little wet in the crotch!! Felt kinda good!! Tight lines!!!!


Smiles are free


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"Felt kinda good" - lol. Glad to hear the business is going well. And if you told some of your customers their rod would be a day or two late so you could go fishing, I bet most of them would understand ;).

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