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Memories Of A Lifetime


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Now this is my first attempt to write a short story so forgive me if punctuation or grammar is not correct, but I hope you enjoy. I wrote a short version out in response to a post the other day, but here is the story version.

The day began just like the many previous days had, HOT. I had again found myself amid the hot sticky days of an Ozark summer. You know the ones; the ones that seem to start draining you at about 10 am and never let up till after dark. At the time I had a lawn care business and to be out in the heat day in and day out takes its toll on the human body. By the end of the day you really didn’t feel like doing much of anything: Anything that is except fishing. My cousin and I were diehards for we lived to fish. Every moment of free time we got you would find us in the ten foot boat on a pond or a small lake doing the thing we loved to do most and that is catch fish.

And even though the day was over 20 years ago, it is a day forever etched in my mind. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We had permission to fish a seven acre private lake that was just a haven for monster bass, crappie and even some cats. We knew they were biting for we had been making it our routine to catch all the action the dog days of summer had to offer. We had been catching four or five 3 to 5 pound bass an evening using our favorite method which was top water.

It was still a hot evening and the water was dead calm as we slid the little Jon boat out of the truck and into the warm murky water. Attached to my pole, I had my most trusty top water plug money could buy, my Chugger Jr. Actually it was a older one, but try as he would, my cousin could not find anything to compare with the Chugger. As we made our way down the shore line and as my cousin made himself busy working his popper along an old dock, I was getting into position for one of those perfect spots. For located on the dam and at the water’s edge was an old dead elm tree that had had the soil undermined away from its roots by the waves that had beat on it over time. Once in position, I set my Chugger just inches from the washed out tree stump and let it set momentarily as the waves rippled out from its presence. Then came that familiar sound that calls to the senses of suspecting bass, pop pop pop.

I had popped it about 20 feet away from the stump when I decided to just reel it in and cast it to another favorable spot, when my heart almost stopped from an explosion that had shattered the late evening calm . Instantly my instincts and adrenalin kicked in for I knew the fight of fights was on. I knew that being in a boat gave me an advantage I would be safe with my 12 lb test, but I could tell by the fight and the explosion on the surface of the water that this bass was Huge. With the initial surge of power this big powerhouse tore line from my reel as I fought to keep him under control. After many yards of line had escaped my real, I managed to get him turned and had began the process of pumping him in. But bass don’t get this big without a few tricks up their sleeve any yes he had a few. He decided to make a bee line strait towards the boat as fast as his muscular frame could muster. I was reeling as fast as my Zebco 33 would go but this mammoth bass was built for speed and indeed he could swim faster than I could reel. And just at the right moment the old lunker made his move. The massive hunk of muscle and flesh made his way to the surface and into view of our searching eyes and then to mid air. Oh what a sight to behold; one of the most beautiful sights you ever laid eyes upon. But with all the slack and the velocity of the shake that preceded from such massive jaws, the Chugger didn't have a chance. All I and my cousin could do is stare in disbelief as my lure flew through the air. I have caught a many 5, 7, and 9 lb bass but from sight I would say it was way over 10.

Sometimes it’s not the fish you catch that make up memories, but sometimes the misses as well. Just the excitement of being on the water and being in a battle between man and fish creates memories that last a lifetime. Mark Jenkins

PS funny how you always remember the ones that got away.

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