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Returned From Yellowstone And Livingston Mt


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Just a quick note during a break from work. I returned from a week in Livingston and Yellowstone. I spent two and half days on the water...two of the days on alpine creeks and the other half on the Shields river (a smaller river in the area that was on the property we stayed). I caught my largest Rainbow (just over 15") and my first brown, cutthroat, cutt-bow, and brookie. We caught fish all day long. I have traveled all over the world in the military, and Yellowstone is the best "nature" spot I've ever seen. You need to add it to your bucket list. I'll post more information and pics when I can get caught up from a weeks vacation.

To Al,

Sorry I didn't drop you a line, but we were out from 8 to 8. If you are still out there, you will have to try a hole my guide and I found at the end of a day and didn't make it back out to. It was on Mill Creek. As you go up Mill Creek Road (up the hill past the flats next to the Yellowstone River), you will see a small sign showing beginning of the park. Right past that sign you will see another sign on the right for cutting firewood. Before the firewood sign there is a little pull off. Note...if you hit the next flat where the huge million dollar ranch is, you went to far. Just below that firewood sign there is a huge hole, then a 20 foot waterfall, and another great hole below the falls. We were watching fish trying to jump up that waterfall for 20 minutes. Most of them were of really good size and one was 24 inches all day long. We were supposed to make it back on Wednesday, but were tearing up the fish over by Bozeman. I'm still dreaming about fishing that spot I couldn't make it back to. PLEASE...let me live licariously through you. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Later All,


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Here you go...I hope you enjoy.

View from our cabin:


The Falls I was talking about:


Just missed one trying to leap the falls


Mill Creek:


Me fishing:


The hole I caught my cut


A little Old Faithful


The Firehole river where we had a picnic lunch


A little artist touch (my wife) on one of the water falls


A big waterfall on the Yellowstone river


A view of the canyon


A little Brookie my wife caught.


Another great hole down at the bottom of a suicide hill 100 ft down 80 degrees...worth the heart attack.


Another cutthroat with great color


Elk in the park


A good way to end


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Mic, your second "brookie with good color" is a cutthroat! (Black spots on lighter background equals trout, light spots on darker background equals char, brook trout are char.)

Guys, if you look at the view from Mic's cabin, go around the butte on the right about four miles, that's where I am right now.

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