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Trying To Make A Trip


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Never been on the Niangua but I've heard good things and would like to make a trip this fall, mainly for CPR smallmouth fishing. I've got a small 12' jon with a trolling motor that can float about anywhere that I'd rather fish out of than a canoe but not sure how I'd go about doing that since it would be a solo float? Are there any outfitters that would drop off and pick up a jonboat? Or would it be better to just deal with fishing from a canoe? It would be a weekday float if that makes any difference.

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I recommend going the rental canoe route. Too many riffles and tricky spots to worry about with your own boat. Weekday floats during the summer months can make a big difference on Niangua, but you'll probably be OK even on a weekend during the fall (it's the off-season for the aluminum hatch!). I'd also take a few trout lures if you plan to fish the stretch below Bennett Spring. Doesn't get much better than having a shot at a nice brown trout if smallmouth fishing is slow.

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We are headed down there Sunday morning. Kayaks from Sand Springs. We are going to there take-out, which I believe is just a little above Barclay. I was down there wade fishing last week and did pretty good. 7 rainbows and 2 small browns. We plan on doing our main fishing in the first mile or so. We are kayaking because we are thinking of purchasing a pair for me and my wife. We have canoed alot, but never kayaked so it should be an adventure. I will most likely fly fling for trout, and my wife will use some power bait.

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