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First Time At Taneycomo Yesterday


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Having fished at Montauk for many years, I finally made my way to the cold flowing waters of Taneycomo yesterday morning. We only had about a 2 hour window to fish so I definitely wanted more time there. I couldn't believe the number of fish that were holding below the Table Rock dam. Too bad they really didn't want anything of what I had early on. My wife and I got there around 7am and I was using my fly rod and she had a spinner with a Rooster Tail on it since she's not well versed with a fly rod yet. She would have tons of fish come in following hers but would turn away right before they bit, probably due to the 6lb line we had on her rod that I usually use for smallie fishing...She had fun none the less though...

I didn't have any luck with stone flys, leeches or crackle backs, but I noticed a large number of fish rising to the top so I switched to a dry fly and finally right before we had to leave I hooked into a rather large rainbow. I never got it to the net though because my tippet-to-leader knot came loose when he darted down stream and I lost it. I would have said it was probably well above 2 lbs. I didn't have time to retie so I borrowed my wife's spinning rod and tried a few casts with it. Then one of the weirdest things that has ever happened in all the time I've ever fished happened...I was watching the rooster tail come in, and about 15' from us I saw it dart about 3' to the side. Only thing was, there wasn't any fish around it. So I lifted my rod and saw a fish about 2' away from my lure start going crazy, it was on my line somehow. I started reeling and my lure came up out of the water and it had another line wrapped around the spinner blade and on the other line was the fish...I didn't get that one to net either, as it spit the tan dry fly that I guess it had broken off another angler's rod. It was a pretty crazy thing. But all in all I got another fly in return for the one I had lost on the bigger fish...

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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At least it sounds like you had fun and you gained a little understanding that might help you the next time. I would like to go down there this fall for my first time, but will have to see.

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Glad too see you stopped by our neck of the woods I am from Webster Groves I have been down around branson for 2.5 years. Let me tell you the fishing is great I am a spinning rod fishermen ultra light is my fav. The spiderwire 4lb line breaks around 6 pounds so don't be afraid to use it i have had alot of luck with rooster tails below table rock dam come fish wish us again sometime you wont be disappointed.If you want to private message me I can help you more with the fishing spots and lures and all

jagermeister anyone?

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