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I've had pretty good luck with sculpin/ginger, olive, and sculpin wading from lookout to just past andy's house. More takes closer to shore. 1/100 on a fly rod. Keep the rod tip high and vary the length and frequency of stripping. Lilleys seems the place to go to for jigs.

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I hear quite a bit about jig fishing in Taneycomo, and I know that Phil's is the place to go for jigs. Can someone elaborate on methods, sizes, etc of using jigs? Assume I've just hit Taneycomo and tied on my leader, and I have a nice 1/100th size olive jig in my fly box.....what now?

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Phil has anything and everything you'll need for both fly rods and spinning gear, I've been going there for quite a while. I usually fish 1/8 and 1/16 oz jigs depending on how many units are running but after switching from other methods I've always caught bigger fish on a regular basis. Sculpin/Blonde and Sculpin/Orange are good, and we had one weekend in March with some great results on a white and pink jig. (Higher, faster water)

One of the straight forward methods and things to always think about is to keep the jig on the bottom, so whatever weight it takes. IE, slower water, lighter jig.. just enough to keep it down.

Stop by Lilley's and they'll be happy to help you get going w/ Jig fishing on Taney.


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