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Water Quality

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I may have already posted one of these, sorry if I did.

StocktonLake Water Quality Information

2006COE Report



WaterQuality of Little Sac before it enters Stockton Lake;


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Help me out here, Mr. Straw.

If I'm reading these reports as they pertain to '06 and earlier, one would think the water on Stockton at that time was of comparable quality as LOZ currently. Good or bad depending how you look at it. But Stockton currently, imo, doesn't have what I would consider plant growth to an extent that would support a chain of life desirable for larger fish, does it?

Any reports available more current?


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a friend of mine that lives close to Stockton just the other day was complaining because he believes they are introducing vegetation to the lake. To him it was a bad thing, but I have no Idea. Maybe if you have got used to fishing it without vegetation you hate to start seeing it. He complained that it could start taking over.

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I dug and couldn't find anything more recent. I sure would like to know what the current phosphorus and nitrogen levels are. Stockton does not have any higher form of plant life in it that I am aware of. No milfoil, coontail. etc. Most of the plant life in stockton is in the form of algae (both free floating and attached to rocks and such).Some algae is good. To much can lead to oxygen depletion during low water or high temps (we are far from that luckily).

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