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When Does The Rock Turn Over?


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Hey Guys-- we are tubers and skiers just wanted to know when TR usually turns over in the fall?? Can you usually swim in late Sept?? Thanks. Joe

It dont matter ,with fish that big I'am not swimming in that lake lol


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Due to the extreme depth of Table Rock, we don't have a top to bottom turn-over. We have a series of thermoclines that prevent this. With bottom water now in the mid to low 50's range, the surface water would have to dip below that for a turn over. Surface is 86 now, so it will be a day or two.

Rather than a turn over, we have a layer compression, forcing the cooler water deeper. Not going to see a complete lake turn-over here. September will still be fine for swimming and water sports.

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Don't know where you heard that ( NO TUBING & OR SKIING ON TR AFTER LABOR DAY ) but if it ever comes up for a vote I " VOTE YES " !!!!!!! Also, I suggest we change it slightly by also banning the " _ _ _ _ ING JET SKI JERK OFFS " !!!!!!!

Rock View Resort

Table Rock Lake

Greg Pope, Owner/Operator & Fishing Guide

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