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Last Night Report Ghost Town

Micheal Kyle

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Fishing has been great stripping streamers. The corp has been shuting the water down at a decent hour so I can fish just about every night and still get a couple hours of sleep befor work. We have been working the lower section over hard and it has been pay dirt. Lots of nice quality bows holding close to the banks. We have been working from the point all the way down to cooper creek at night out of the boat beating the banks with streamers. The streamers that we have had the most luck with are mohair leeches and matuka style streamers. Last night was a ghost town up top so we decided to not put the boat in and just wade around surveying the diffrent areas lots changes have occured looks like it has filled in a lot between outlet 1&3 but is a very nice dredged out hole up by the wire. After a short explore we headed down to the rocking chair to the boat ramp lots of nice healthy fish all over. Good clean water to fish.

We were fishing floating lines with 6 pound tippet swinging and stripping. It was a great night no one at all except for myself and Justin.

Here are 2 sweet fish we caught last night


In my measure net the fish measured 25" and had a girth of 14"


Again in the measure net was right at 19" but had a girth of 11"


This is a Dr.J invented by Jeff(bear)Andrews on a trip down on the White about4 years ago.

It is artictulated with the back hook a 2499spbl size 10-6 front hook is blood red pine squirrel.


This is a black matuka style streamer tied with black pine squirrel hook is a Gamakatsu ss15 size 6-4 body is black and red chenille that I make.



These 2 are the electric blue and ace of spades mohair leeches size 6-12 on a tmc streamer hook of your choice I like the 9395

Hope this helps out see you Tomorrow night

Tight Lines

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