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Sculpin / Big Streamer Swap (Full)


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post-469-13160580524186_thumb.jpegBronze Bunny Goddess

Hook: Tiemco 200R size 6

Thread: Uni 6/0 Rusty Brown

Tail: Barred rabbit strip –Gold Variant

Flash: Pearl Root beer Flashabou

Body: Estez Root beer pearl Crystal Chenille

Hackle: Brown grizzly saddle hackle

Collar: Bronze mallard feather

Eyes: Small lead dumbbell painted with burgundy fingernail polish

Head: Root beer – pearl Crystal Chenille

Originated by Mike Jacobs

Modified by Larry Shackelford

Flies should go in the mail this weekend!


"All first-class fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and that Apostle John, the favorite, was a dry fly fisherman..."Norman MacLean

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Nice Larry!

I just finished up. Leonard mine will go out in the mail today please let me know when you get them.

Articulated Ice Pick:

Back Hook: Size 6 4X long Streamer hook.

Front Hook: Size 4 4X long streamer hook.

Head: Silver Fish Skull size small/medium.

Tail: Gold flashabou and pearl UV baitfish emulator.

Body: Pearl red hue ice wing fiber.

Wing: Yellow black barred zonker strip.

Articulation connection: Beadlon .19 and two red glass beads.

Originator: Rich Strolis

In Rich's original pattern his tail is marabou instead of the baitfish emulator, he ties in a foul guard on the rear hook and has a collar of senyo's lazer dubb. The first time I saw this fly was when I was given a couple from Brian Wise his had a tail of the baitfish emulator, flashabou and marabou but not the full collar of the senyo's lazer dubb. So far I use some combination of all three depending on my mood but likely I will find the easiest way to tie these and do it that way because I am a super lazy tier. This weekend is the first chance I'm going go get to throw these at trout I am super pumped(cmon rain and clouds!) but the largemouth have been killing this thing. I tied these on a little bit smaller hooks because this streamer can be a beast to cast and I wanted to tie something for the swap that didn't require an 8 weight to throw.

Leonard thanks for doing this I look forward to getting everybody's stuff.



My helper after we finally finished.


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