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Ramp At Beaver Creek


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My fishing partner took a drive with his wife today. We haven't gone to B.S. all year because of high water, but now it's down to 666' or so and the weather has cooled off.

He said K Dock is impossible - the water's too low to launch in the dip where the low and high roads split, shallow water is standing on the low road, and the high road goes straight into the lake with no place to turn around.

They saw some boats fishing between Swan and the dam, and someone caught a white bass while he was watching. He said River Run is closed off, and it's been a long time since I launched from that little ramp at the park by the old Swan bridge across from River Run - I don't know about using that one.

Where is everybody putting in - Beaver Creek? I'm thinking the ramp that goes into the creek side there might be OK, but the main ramps at Beaver are so flat they must be 'way underwater. Somebody let me know, please - we'd like to make a trip this week. Thanks!

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My buddy "Buffy" and I fished 8/30/11 out of Shadow Rock Park. Had NO problem putting in or taking out at the ramp by the old bridge. Good access.

Sorry about not posting a report, Was so disgusted about the trip and nothing to report, I didn't (my bad). We had 1 walleye bite (22.5 inches 3 lb 11 oz) and 3 yellow perch.

However, from Swan to the Pot Hole, the depth finder lite up!!!! If shad had any money value at all, Mr. Obama could pay off the National Debt and have "Change" back.. Some balls were 30-40 feet long and 12-14 feet thick. One ball was so dense that the finder went from 22 feet to 7 feet and stayed that way for several seconds. Water temp was 84 when we got there at 7:30 and 87 when we left at 3:00 pm. NO generation and the wind was out of the SE. That might have been part of the problem (no bites), but i think that the numbers of shad had the most impact. We used the Slow Death, Jigging spoons, trolled long bills and various cranks, NOTHING. Fished for the "Hole" to Barker.

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We went today, Thursday, and had a real good trip. Good weather and enough fish biting to keep us interested.

We put in at Beaver Creek. The single ramp on the creek side is OK. The big ramps on the lake side are underwater, as are the parking lot and some of the camp sites, so they're not charging any access fee. The restroom doors are locked, though, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Upper Bull Shoals is going to be a heckuva bass lake in a couple of years. Everywhere we went there were 5, 6, 7-inch bass biting on everything we threw. Millions of 'em - they sure had a great hatch in the land bushes this spring. We fished around the mouth of Beaver Creek, up to Barker Hole and Swan, and finally to the dam. Nothing going on except loads of 1' shad and us catching double-hookups of tiny bass everywhere we went. Then we figured something out!

In the area of the Hwy. 76 bridge just below Swan, the little bass and shad were going at it continuously - top water boils that we thought at first were white bass. Nope, the whites weren't boiling on top - but we found out they were hanging underneath all the carnage. We put on little chrome spoons and jigged them near the 24-foot bottom under the little-bass boils on top, and caught a bunch of white bass. The whites were all different sizes, from small to real big. Fun!

I think the difference is that they were generating quite a bit of water today and there was a current. The water's cooled off too - 72 in the morning and 75 in the afternoon.

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