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Caught Another Nice Brown


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I caught this nice brown on Sunday. I had to mess with him for close to a half an hour before he took my olive midge variant that I tie. It didn't seem like he was going to be much of a fight untill he got close to me and I guess he realized he was hooked. Luckily I had him on the reel because he took off about 40-50 ft. and then I landed him after about 5 mins.

That makes 3 lunkers in just over a week there. I guess it turned out to be a pretty good year before I head out west for a few months.

Take care all,



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Nice fish Rich. Well, if I don't see you for a few months... have a safe trip out west.

Thanks Jerry,

Too bad you didn't make it down the 26th. We had a pretty good time. Plus I even caught a couple of fish. Catching fish was just a bonus. Try to plan on being there next year the weekend before Labor Day. We will do it all over again.

Cya next time,


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