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Same Fish?


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Caught this nice one on Sunday on a FB jig in 25' off some pole timber.

I believe I caught this same fella earlier this year about 100 yards away on a brush hog in early July?

I have nicknamed him "snub-nose".

Weighed him both times, and was within 3 oz, but didn't measure length or girth either time.

I know it's tough from the pictures, but just for fun, I would love to hear guesses on the weight. (the fish's, not mine)

For perspective, I'm 73" long, my girth is substantial, and I weigh about 240.



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Well, it's a credit to you bass fishermen that nearly every bass I catch accidentally from Tablerock while fishing for other species has hook-holes in its lips. Not just the short ones either, I've caught 18-19 inchers that were obviously caught and released recently.

So, good for ya - lots of folks are giving back to the fishery. If you're gonna catch the same fish over and over, you might as well name them. I generally only see my non-bass catches once, on their way to the frying pan!

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Caught the same K three times one year over 20 miles was traveled between all 3 catches. Positive id on the fish so I knew it was her. Beck caught one out off a log that his nephew had caught 3 weeks earlier. She was around 9 pounds so we know it was the same fish, off the same log.

Thats why we don't release in grease.

Thanks for the Photo. Very nice fish appropreatly named..

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The last time my daughter came down and went out fishing with me, we got into a bunch of shorts. She wanted to use a marker to put a dot on them to see if it was the same fish we kept catching... ;>)

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