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Bass, Stockton, And Jigs


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Mr. Wagner, Straw Hat, and other Fish story Guys,

We won our Football Game and I made it back in town in time to go Sunday night. Stockton was windy and most people were getting off the lake by 6:30 P.M. I went to a cove with the wind blowing straight into it and fished a point on the protected side. The fish were on the graph but not on my hook. I followed the wind into the cove and found a protected bank that the wind was blowing straight into and Bingo I was in the fish. They were slurping shad but I couldn't catch but one on a Shad crankbait. Tried a Spinnerbait and no luck. Pulled out the Stand Up Jigs in a Dirty Pumpkin color and started catching them. About dark they slowed down so I switched to a 1/2 oz. Black Neon Stand Up Jig with a Bass Pro 4.5" Black Neon Crack Craw. Added a little bit of Crawdad oil and started catching them again. They shut completely off about 1/2 hour after dark. I wish I had went to spot number two when I first arrived. I think I would have slaughtered them. I only caught 12 or 13 fish but all were good size. No little ones. No Kentuckies. Four "would be" keepers. Two 16 inches, one almost 17", and one that would have been 5.5 to 6 pounds. If Mr. Wagner can P.M. me I will try to get the information about the Jigs to him.

Never say die,

If you wanna fish,

You gotta try

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