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Labor Day Report

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Fished the Tropht area Sat, Sun and Monday mornings. Slept in everyday and got on the water about 8:30 AM.

It was crowded but I've seen worse. Friday was hot and sunny and I caught fish till I left around 1PM. Mostly grey scuds and the occasional surf and turf combo. I fished around rebar and the gauntlet mostly catching fish ti 14 inches.

Saturday the weather changed and it was cloudy and cool. Boy was it nice. Got there around 8:30 again and looked forward to good fishing. The gen schedule said water on at 2 but they fired up at 11:30. It was a good one unit and I hung around all day till 4:30 fishing the edges from number one to past the third outlet. Same fies with the occasional bugger under the trees because it was easy to cast under the there. Caught some absolute pigs up to 19 inches. one in particular I couldn't get both hands around it, it was so fat.

Had something bad happen. I killed a nice 17 inch fish. I haven't had that happen in years. She was hooked in the tongue and I really gave it no thought at first. I had to use hemos to get the fly out. When the fly was out she started bleeding profusely. I've hooked lots of trout in the tongue but they never bled like this one. I tried and tried to revive her but she just wouldn't come around. After a half hour or so she was dead. Bumbed me out really. She was belly up and that white belly just stood out so much against the stream. I bagged it for the day and left.

Sunday the weather was awesome and when I showed up, some guys I know said fishing was slow. First cast and it was on again for me. I whacked em pretty good till 11 and left. I had moved down below rebar and fish were rolling in that hole feeding aggressively.

I saw plenty of browns but never caught one and some of the rainbows were going through the spawning dance. I saw several big browns jumping out of the water and several male rainbows had milt coming out of the them when handled.


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Had something bad happen. I killed a nice 17 inch fish. I haven't had that happen in years.

Here is a good plug for C and R. This is more the norm than the 10% daily as some were suggesting. Glad you had another good trip Pete. I just missed you on saturday, fished friday night and left about 8:10 that morning.

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Thanks Rick. I saw your buddy Mark Friday morning and Sunday morning.

That fish just wouldn't come around.


That fish was probably already in shock from the massive wader hatch going on that morning.

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well what I saw last week was worst then that...

someone has caught a really nice fish... 25in bow ... Im guessing they tried to revive it (hopefully).. when I first saw it the gills were still pumping

But they just ended up leave it there laying on its side by the big rock below outlet 2...

It was a legal fish to take out but they decided to let it die and leave it there...

This is what upsets me the most. rather you eat trout or not .. I think if its not going to make it (and its over the slot limit) take it out and give it to someone who will... I do believe that most of us would rather see them going home *** Because they wouldnt make it.. then seeing them DEAD on the bottom***

it probably could have been revived if they would have worked with it a bit longer.. or at least went back to check on it. But instead left it to die

I saw at least 3 guys trying their best but it was a no go... it had already been to long for the fish to make it..

It just happens to be the day I didnt have my cooler in the car or I would have brought home... It was a good fish

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I was thinking about this at work when I wasn't doing anything today and I remember killing a 20" cutt at McCellans about 6 or 7 years ago. Right before they shut down. Neither fish was fought very long and I didn't give it a second thought about the release until it wouldn't swim out of my hands.

I tried and tried until it died but it never got it together either. I don't know, just one of those things I guess.

Both fish were caught in late summer or fall. Low DO??

There were a few dead fish below number 2 this weekend. But that is expected, given the number of "anglers" at that location.


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