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Just curious if there are any smallie fisherman in this fourm. I am a member of a local camping club in Caulfield and looking for a new river to smallie fish. I am considering floating from the Blair bridge to Dawts Mill... Just looking for any feedback for this float. I will not be floating until mid September so I am hopeful the canoe hatch is over... I am used to the canoe hatch on the niangua so the canoer's don't scare me to bad!!!! Anyway, just curious about the smallie fishing.


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i have done that float many times.have caught small mouth and trout every time but wasnt trying really hard.Most of the float trips where with numerous boats., work, friends, church groups, etc.I did one time pick up a four lb smallie towards the end of the float on a white swiming minnow.Belive it or not the water was so clear and my friend i was with was telling me that id be mad cause the big fish was following the one i was realing in.when i got the fish to the boat probably 10 nice smallies where chasing him.They where chasing minows, and thats what i saw to get me excited. Then trhey where gone.Just shortly later one on the other boats fishing top water broke off a lure to a monster.It it can happen to counselors on a church float trip it can happen on a serious float.....good luck

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There are smallies between Blair and Dawt, but trout are more numerous in that stretch. Most of the smallmouth are located upstream of the trout water. Anything goes below Dawt Mill, dont expect many trout, but any fish that swims in Lake Norfork could be in there. Same with nearby Bryant creek, expect smallies in the upper reaches, and more spotted bass, etc. as you get closer to the Lake. Good luck.

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