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11-20-2011 Report

Feathers and Fins

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13 stripers and a day watching snow geese migrate and none came low enough dang it...

But I was treated to some nice sites.


This one taped out to be around 25lbs


This big girl taped out 48in deadnut estimated 40lbs


I think this was the highlight of my day. I love Bald eagles and this one treated me to a good show.

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The wourse thing people can do is troll with the big motor running do to how shallow they are. When i use to do a lot of Diving I would watch stripers scatter when a boat came through in water under 25ft. The best thing a person can do is go to the back of the cove catch a net full of shad and set up drifts. As to lures, I have been throwing pencil poppers when there is no wind and doing very well on them. 1/2 Rattle traps work well but the hands down best is a White Bucktail. The fish are locked in on the shad bite though so that is what im using 99% of the time right now.

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I have caught them in the creek to the swim beach, If the wind stops and if we get some sunlight you will see subtle signs of them surface feeding. Water pushes and slurping sounds. They are in skinny water right up to the bank but the weather is the big problem sight fishing them right now. largest concentration at dusk has been where the old road bed goes into the lake just east of the dirt ramp.

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