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John Berry

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There have been some major changes with the Dam Generation number for Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters (870 435-2169). You can now get through on your first try. That is great but I have found that the information is frequently unreliable. This Morning I called the number and it said that they were running two generators at Bull Shoals and had been doing so since 9:15 the previous day. Then I went on this website and checked the graph for Bull Shoals. It indicated that it had been turned off at midnight. Both sources are from the Corps of Engineers. Which one is accurate? I take clients fishing and I need accurate information to determine where and when to fish safely. The White is one of the most dangerous rivers in the United States and it will become more dangerous with unreliable generation information.

John Berry


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John, this is a big concern to me, as well. I feel that I'd rather spend a half hour on redial than get information that's hours old. I'm told that the info doesn't change until generation changes, but am not sure about that as yet. It doesn't do much to instill confidence.

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