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Frog Bayou Sat. 12/17

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Without much in the way of fishing options, I left the rods at home and joined some acquaintances Saturday for a short whitewater float on the Frog near Rudy. It was fun putting my little pontoon boat (visible in the second shot) through its paces and a gorgeous afternoon for pictures.











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Really enjoyed those pictures and thank you for sharing. The one shot with the red canoe, the emerald green water, and the pine trees glowing high on the ridge top -- that one could win an award.

Your pics made me dig into the Paul Dallas archives. We ran the Frog on March 20, 1998 and the gauge at Rudy was reading just a little over 6.5 and dropping. The only reason we ended up there was because Big Piney and Mulberry were blown out and we needed a white-water fix. Pleasantly surprised to discover it's most un-bayou-like characteristics! So me, Hoffmeyer, and a crazy canadian put on when the Frog was rip-roaring and ran it in undecked, no-flotation canoes. And Old Town Discovery and a Mad River something or other -- ordinary rec boats, so you get the idea . . . .and twelve-packs of beer rolling around loose on the floor of the canoe. A couple of dunkings and we built a fire on a steep side of the riverbank to keep Hoff from getting hypothermia as it started to rain on us and was about 40 degrees, and he got too close to the fire and burned his leg pretty badly. We all laughed. Good times.

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Sounds like good times indeed. This was my first time down the Frog, and yes, it's definitely un-bayou-like. And thanks for the compliments. MOSmallies, on the water, I use an old Canon EOS Digital Rebel body with a Sigma 10 - 20 mm zoom lens that I absolutely love for taking fishing and boating pictures.

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