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Thursday 4-26 Bass


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Fished out of rurak bluff toward cc. Lots of moss. Fishing tough but managed to catch bass. Used green pumpkin style worms. Some fish right on the edge of the ozark mangroves and later in the day fish were in 10 ft of water. Chartreuse and white spinnerbaits also produced some bass.

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i assume the moss is because of the mild winter. i fished pomme couple weeks ago with my brother and it was the same way there.

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the algae growth that is now rampant in all lakes in the area is due to the rapidly warming water we had this spring along with the lower than normal rainfalls. Since the submerged and shoreline vegetation hasn't caught up with the water temp, those nutrients are feeding the hair algae. It will die back and return to normal within the next month, more than likely. It's made bottom fishing most lakes nearly impossible, especially for those fipping beds on the spawning flats or crappie fishermen trying to drop through submerged trees.

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