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Report From Friday, April 28.

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Got to the River at 10:30am. Hiked downstream from the storm gage at Watts. Caught 8 fish right away on a 14 orange midge I tied last night. Switched to a 14 pheasant tail after lunchtime. Caught some very nice sized trout (including the one in the pic).

Very windy day. Left at 3:00pm. Only caught about 20 or so, but they were overall larger fish. I was able to get to a couple places I usually can't get to due to the River being about a foot lower today then last weekend.

Good luck tomorrow.

I will try and post the pic later. I don't think I can post it from my iPad.

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i think the weekend after the water quit the continuous flowing the fish got slayed. Fished last thursday, and then on monday caught half as many. Still enjoyed myself. Hope we get some rain or we will have a rerun from last year.


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