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The Billethead's Garden


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Seeing everyones posting about there garden and JD talking about garden layout plus Feather and Fin's eyeballing the plants behind my turkeys made me want to share what we do. Where I live there is poor soil and lack of space due to lots of trees. We have made a couple of raised beds out of composite lumber. The rest we have in large tubs, the kind farmers use for molasses/mineral licks for cattle. Part of my dirt came from barnyard cattle lots. Mix of cow poop, rotten hay and dirt. Then I have for the last years supplemented with store bought dirt, potting soil, compost and peat moss. Cattle panels go over tomatoes to keep them tied up. Same for the cucumbers for a trellis. We have 26 of the tubs and two raised beds, beds measure 4'X12' I have crappy back issues so I use a stool I sit on to weed things.

ok here are some photos


Bed #1 has 4 different mixes of mesclun lettuce plus black seeded simson, romane, butter crunch and a bit of spinich. Some watermelon radishes and black radishes. First time with radishes. One tomato plant gifted from a friend and at the end outside a sage plant.


Bed #2 Two types of snow peas, cabbages and herbs consisting of chives, rosemary basil and greek oregano.


some of the tubs Four have peppers, two double delight and other two sante fe grand and mild jalepenos. Other tubs of tomatoes, cherokee purple,orange whoppers,chocolate cherry and cherry. Then also a parsley plant.


Another row of tubs consisting two tubs of cubanelle peppers then more tomatoes, Black krims,brandywine, cherry and chocolate cherry


A couple more cherokee purples


here is two tubs with cucumbers and brandywine and golden jubillee tomatoes


More cucumbers and rosemary


This is the last photo. Trying to get some asparagus started and then I was given some blight resistant chestnuts. I planted them last fall. Out of 12 planted I got 11 trees started. where the heck am I going to transplant them? Running out of room.

This is the first year we have started out own plants. Only the golden jubilee and gifted tomato we did not start. Chives, parsley and sage over wintered from last season. Tried to start rosemary but no success so it is bought.

Thanks for looking,


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Lefty Kreh

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