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More Reports Please


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Hi everyone. I fish Stockton for crappie most of the time but my brother has a weekend place on pomme and I do like to come there and fish with him from time to time. I have told him about this web site but since i have become a member it dosnt seem like very many people report their fishing trips on pomme like they do on Stockton. Just trying to spark more interest here. Happy fishing.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but there may be less fishing pressure on Pomme than Stockton thus less reports. But there have been more reports on Pomme this spring than past years.

Trav lives on Pomme but he's not on the forum much anymore.

One way to get more reports - and that's if you start them, sandbc. Good or bad fishing, report how you do and you'll add to the traffic and that will encourage more to post.

Wish I could help but I've never been to Pomme De Terre.

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Excuse me but I do believe Pomme has as much fishing pressure as Stockton when you consider the size of the two lakes. And if you have never been to Pomme I dont know how you can say. And I thought I was trying to get more people to report by politely asking them to.

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Lilley leave them nasty ole trout alone for a while and come up to Pomme! Lots of us hillfolks just now got private phone lines and we are working our way up to computers.

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I too would like to see more reports and info on Pomme, however it is a smaller lake. I do think there is more pressure per acre on Pomme than Stockton, it appears that way as I fish both often, but being a smaller lake there would be a lesser number of boats. I do think the Pomme board has grown significantly in the last few months and we are starting to see more reports, responses and such. I'm glad to see the increase in Pomme and hope to see it continue in growth.

I know there are a lot of visitors who look at the info but never post - here's an invitation to join us and post some good info!!!

sandbc we look forward to your reports from your Pomme trips!

Good fishing to all,


Have your visited Limitville lately?

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Fished a small tourney Sat. We caught a lot of bass but nothing over 3 lb.

Ended up with 5 all over 2 lbs.water temp ranged from 62 to 64 caught all

Fish in less than a foot to 6 fow there are some females in on the bank trying

To spawn we caught most of our fish on baby brush hogs watermelon red and pummpkin

Seed and shad colored jerk baits on gravel banks didn't do much good on crank baits

Water was clear in the Wheatland area caught probly between 30 and 40 fish with probly 10

Keepers. Then hit the crappie on Sun.we had 25 keepers in roughly 3 hrs all on brush piles

Using tube shad colored tube jigs

Tight lines to yal

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