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5-5-12 Beaver Report

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Air Temp: 80

Water Temp: 74.4

Water depth: 6 to 12 ft primarily 8ft

Lure Keitech: Swim baits in white with 1/4oz lead head and Rapala Shad 14ft diver

Lure presentation: Trolling 1.5mph

Wind: Out of the East at 10 to 15 slacking off to almost nothing at dusk

Water visability: 5 to 7ft

This has to be my Personal Best Day on Beaver. Totals:

117 White Bass and Hybrids combined

7 Kentuckys

2 Meanmouth

4 smallmouth

3 small stripers


Most the Walleye were short and not by much 17 and 1/2 to 17 and 3/4 But 3 of them made the grade at 20, 22 and 26 inches and I invited them home for dinner! 1 monsterous Hybrid was donated to be WC's Dinner guest all other interested parties were not invited home.

Location was Rocky Branch, I worked two long points all day. Both extended a long way out into the main lake. They key was staying on top of the point in 8ft of water if you hit 10 to 14 those pesky small hybrids and whites were all over your bait. The walleye were locked on the top of the point. I let out the baits 100ft behind the boat. All the bites on the Walleye came directly after the baits hit a rock or stump in the water.

The whites must be under the 12 bridge thick because as I was pulling back to the ramp it was looking like BassPro's Boat showroom under the bridge and more boats pulling in to the parking lot. Beautiful day and evening to be on the water and with the fish biting even better.

I spoke with a few friends who said just about every pocket and cove on the lake around Rokcy Branch is holding hybrids and whites I can confirm this as I checked a few coves including the South Ramp at Rocky Branch and hammered a few real nice whites in 14ft againt the West bluff wall straigh across from the ramp and out to the point.


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Was out there this evening as well, only got a few bites. I guess they were small white tucking on the swim bait tail.

Should of listen to Scott and stay on the flats instead of running around Rocky Branch looking for fish.

So much to be learned, I guess be patient is one of them!!

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This is certainly the time to go chase them. I am glad Beaver has the 18'' size limit on Walleye. It was a blast catching them and think it (size limit) will only aid and help the fishery. I would like to see it go up to 24'' Beaver is a managed trophy Striper Fishery and look at the results! Not many places in this country you can go out and call the average lake striper 12 to 15lbs, yet here we have a treasure that does it. I read other forums and see where they talk about the average (Schoolie) being 2 to 4lbs yet ours are much bigger. So why not raise the size limit on walleye to Trophy size's?

Everytime I am on the lake I think how blessed we are to have this Beautiful lake with all its scenery and the fish in it.

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Very nice walleyes and hybrid. I was out near the dam area but no luck. Looks like I'll have to come down further south to prairie creek area and hwy 12 bridge. I'm looking to get into the whites, hybrids, and stripers. You think they'll still be there this weekend near the hwy 12 bridge? I'll be fishing from shore.

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