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Camping Bull Shoals State Park 5/9/12-5/12/12


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Going camping with a couple of buddies middle to end of this week. We are planning to base camp and then make treks out to several of the rivers (White, Norfork, Crooked Creek, and maybe the Spring River) in the area to fish each day.

We will be wade fishing exclusively and we will be on the fly for the majority of the trip. Do you guys have any favorite accesses for the White River with wade fishing in mind? I have only been over that way one time, and I went over to Rim Shoals for a few hours; great spot, but I am always looking for new places.


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Rim Shoals is good. Try Kelly's slab area or Snow for Crooked creek. (Near Yellville). A good shoal to fish is below the Spring in the park itself. Big Fish area at night, and off the park boat ramp at night.

Norfork, Buffalo. White River, Crooked creek. Should all keep you bz and in fish. No need to go over to Spring River. Fished Crooked Creek and White River last weekend and caught so many fish we got tired of it...

Fly, Lures, or bait. Everything is working.

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