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while you are on the repair topic HELP horn will not work on boat removed hooked to jump box works fine checked and have 12 volts to leads when unhooked from horn when hooked to horn and deflect horn switch volt meter says 6 volts and all the horn does is go clunk confused to say the least

two old poops fishing

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Two Poops, (love that handle BTW) You have a bad connection or damaged wire somewhere that is passing voltage UNTIL there is a load on the circuit. Closely inspect the Positive connections at the switch, at the fuse panel, and at the battery. Then do the same on the Ground side.

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Waymac is apparently no more from several people I talked to Quill fyi,

Didn't know that, too bad, I believe they had been around for quite a while. I'll have to go somewhere else to get my Yamilube.

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That must have been very recent. I drove by Waymack a couple of weeks ago, and they still had a bunch of boats in front. All looked normal to me.

That would be a shame if it's true. They have a great rep for doing good work.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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I'd give Bella Vista marine a call (they're actually in Bentonville), they treated me fairly and I see their mechanic on WIndsor quite a bit test driving boats. He's been there several years at least, so I'm assuming he's pretty experienced. But I've only had work done one time there.

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