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Report For 5/7/12


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Fishing yesterday and today was outstanding!! I fished above the dam and was surprised at the size and amount of fish in the fly water. I started at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon and the day after the big free kids free fishing event. I was one of four anglers on the river between the dam and rock hole. A size 18 olive mini leech and a size 18 flash olive woolly bugger was taking fish on just about every third drift. No weight added just a slow strip at the end of the drift.

The other anglers were soon asking what I was using and tying on. They soon got the hang of it and were also bringing fish to hand. About 5:00 I switched to a griffith gnat and took 2 fish but had several lookers and turn aways. Some other anglers came and they were fishing sow bug's with not much luck. Today they were in the same pattern of the leech. And they was still a great bunch of fish in the area all the way to the spring.

Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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