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I had a couple questions for you guys and was need a little help. I wanted to make a trip down there on Thursday. After my last trip I learned that the generation can be quite unpredictable. I would mostly like to wade fish, but as my last trip showed me that can be quite difficult with heavy generation. I do own a 10' kayak and was wondering if down river this would be a feasable craft to navigate the river and maybe do a little jig fishing. I'm able to paddle upstream rather well in the smaller rivers around here like the Piney, but I'm not familiar with this river when it comes to this. I would be by myself so I wouldn't want to do a traditional float from a put in location to a take out miles down stream. Is there a location on the upper to mid sections of the river to put the kayak in and paddle around when the generation is heavy? Or does anyone have any suggestions on where I can fish from the kayak while waiting out the heavy flow? Thanks in advance for any help.

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You might not see any heavy flow this week. They're running 1/2 to 1 unit right now.

Regardless you can put in at the cable and float down to the boat ramp or down to Pointe Royal, to Riverpoint Estates or all the way to Cooper Creek ramp. I don't think the current would be heavy enough to keep you from paddling upstream when you wanted to.

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You could luanch in low water at the upper and maybe see no flow at all...or if they do turn one unit on.. it'll help push you downstream.

threy are running 1 unit right now.. flows about 3500cfs... about 3 feet higher than if it were off...

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Thanks guys I appreciate the responses. Brian, is there a benifit to launching a kayak when the water is turned off? I have only been down there once but I remember how many fisherman use that area when the water is off. Seems like I would be dodging wooly buggers all day.

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