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Would It Be Worth My Time?

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This is only my first spring fishing the Little Sac River so bear with me as I ask what may be some really silly questions.

1. From what I've read, the white bass run is usually around late March-mid April. Being that it is May 8, would it still be worth my time putting a line in the water (are they still running)? Are white bass only in the river during the run, or are there some that stay there throughout the spring/summer?

2. Can you catch crappie in the actual river itself (not at the mouth where it meets Stockton Lake)?

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I don't fish Sac River very much. But we had an early spring and the white bass run has been over for a couple months from what I know of. And I doubt that there's any crappie to be caught either. It's a pretty small river and not many deep holes that would hold either of them. I think you better head down to the lake, lol. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I hope you can prove me wrong though.

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