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Papa Bear

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Howdy fellow anglers. I've never specifically fished for walleye. I am familiar with stockon and I crappie fish often. I'd like some help on getting started walleye fishing. Whether its advice or links, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The forum has had numerous how to posts on walleye in the last three years - I know because I wrote some of them.

1. Look up the long line trolling article I wrote for Lilleys Ozark Anglers site.

2. Search the forum for Lindy rig. You will find several posts, some with pictures.

3. search the forum for walleye harness and you will find numerous posts.

4. Visit walleye central - one of the few boards nearly as good as here - and read.

5. Search the forum for posts by Mike Worley, hunter91, tablerock, and powerdive.

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