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Anyone live near the Hwy K bridge? Willing to give a fellow smallie angler a quick ride for a few bucks? I'll be doing my 4-mile kayak-fishing day trip a few times this year, and I finish up at the K Bridge. Google Earth tells me it's a 7-mile walk (or 3-mile walk-plus-descent off bluff) back to my property/put-in/vehicle - after which I drive to pick up my yak. Part of me says this would be good exercise, and a way to feel self-sufficient. The other part says these 2 hours would be better spent working that last hole that promises a feisty 16-incher.

Sometimes I schedule this far in advance, other times I just decide work stinks, and I head out the next day. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to return the favor via another shuttle, cold Budweiser from my Necky Manitou dry hatch, or a few greenbacks to buy your next Rebel Crawdad.


Arnold, MO

"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot."

— Aldo Leopold

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I don't live near there (University City), but a friend (Festus) and I usually fish that stretch of river 5 or so times a year. If you send a couple of dates, maybe we could hook up down there and do the 2 car deal. I have a truck with a kayak rack and can easily transport 4 or so kayaks.

In years past, we have always waited for one of the bus drivers from Jeff's canoe rental to get back from their morning runs and spotted them cash to drive us up to the put -in in my truck and then park it at Jeff's. It is always interesting and exciting when you get near the bridge, just to see if the truck is there or if it is on a joy ride straight out of Ferris Bueller.

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